FAT Line

                               FAT Rack



12V AGM front terminal blocs – 30Ah to 180Ah nominal capacity. Up to 12 year design life while in oat operation in
temperature controlled environments.
Excellent low rate discharge 1 to 10 hours. Front terminal design for reduced headspace,
higher energy density and compact battery layout.
Front terminal access reduces installation time
and simpli es maintenance.
Will t into 19 or 23 inch power racks / cabinets.
AGM recombination technology minimizes gassing. Remote venting kits available for select FAT models.
Non-spillable. No water additions required.
Non-hazardous for air/sea/rail/ road transportation. 100% Recyclable.
Ideal for:

  • Telecom outdoor cabinets
    for wireline and wireless application
  • Broadband, microwave repeater and
    ber optic regeneration sites
  • Extended backup solutions in utility
    switchgear and industrial applications




  • Extra think plates with grids cast from high quality lead-tin-calcium alloy to ensure long reliable life and low gas emission.


  • Microporous absorbed glass mat (AGM) facilitates recombination and immobilizes the electrolyte.

Container and Cover

  • Made from thick walled ame retardant ABS plastic and designed for unsurpassed mechanical strength. The case and cover has an LOI greater than 28% and meets the ame retardant standards of UL 94 V-O. Thermally welded case to cover sealing eliminates leaks.

Flame Arrestors / Safety Valves

  • Designed to open at 5 PSI and close at 3 PSI, the vent allows excess gas to escape when overcharging.


  • Threaded terminal posts with brass inserts provide high conductivity, retain required torque values and allow for easy installation.

Post Seals

  • The high integrity post seal design prevents electrolyte leakage over a wide temperature range.

Internal Connections

  • Heavy duty internal strays and through-the-partition cell connections minimize internal resistance and increase energy density.

Terminal Covers

  • Removable fully insulated covers designed with probe holes for safe and easy voltage measurement.


  • To facilitate ease of handling, installation and removal of the batteries.

Remote Venting System

  • Available for applications which require gassing to be vented externally.

Shelf Life

  • < 2% self-discharge per month at 77°F allows 6 months shelf life before boosting is required.