Flooded and VRLA Lead Acid Batteries

For Utility, Industrial and Telecommunications Applications

Mesa offers a full range of stationary batteries and battery products of all chemistry types from the world’s leading manufacturers, from lead-acid to lithium, to support mission-critical infrastructure of any kind. Our stationary battery systems are installed in utility substations throughout the nation, in Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO), in Data Centers, and in Transportation and Industrial applications. Whatever the needs of your business are, Mesa has the battery solution for you, with state-of-the-art battery storage technologies and power plant systems. Our goal is to help our customers make smart investments in their infrastructure and deliver reliability, trusted performance, and inherent safety guarantee.

Flooded VRLA Lead Acid Batteries

LSe – Lead Selenium Flat Plate Stationary Batteries

The Mesa LSe is a range of lead selenium flat plate vented lead-acid stationary batteries featuring 20-year design life plates made of .25” thick, lead selenium alloy. It is ideal for use in switchgear applications characterized by switching DC Loads and high rate demands. Low maintenance, reduced footprint, and safety by design are essential features of the LSe battery. No other flat plate, lead selenium battery has thicker plates or longer lasting cells. The LSe lead selenium is a deep cycle battery and is available in cell options (LSe) ranging from 100 amp hours to 1800 amp hours and multi-cell blocks (B-LSe) available in 6-100, 6-150, 6-200, 6-250, and 6-300 amp hour configurations.

OPzS – Lead Selenium Tubular Plate Stationary Batteries

The Mesa OPzS stationary battery range consists of OPzS cell and multi-cell blocks conforming to DIN 40737-3 and 40744. They are suitable for use in all DC power supply installations. The batteries have a long watering interval, and typically need topping-up only once a year throughout their operating life. The combination of lead-selenium alloy with tubular plate construction makes the Mesa OPzS Battery the longest service life alloy battery in the world.

OPzS - Lead Selenium Tubular Plate Flooded Lead-Acid Stationary Batteries
OPzS - Lead Selenium Tubular Plate Flooded Lead-Acid Stationary Batteries

Fahrenheit VRLA Stationary Batteries

Heat tolerant VRLA batteries for long life and high performance in the most demanding, high heat conditions.

  • Full six (6) year warranty at an average ambient of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The best full warranty in the industry!
  • Revolutionary advances in grid design, grid chemistry, and battery packaging.
  • Maintenance free for the life of the battery.
  • Fahrenheit VRLA products co-branded with Mesa and East Penn Manufacturing.
See Product Specifications & Data Sheets
Model AH Rating Dimensions Weight PDF
MTA-HT30XT 28.2 Ampere-Hours at 8 hr. rate to 1.75 VPC Length – 7.82″ (199 mm)
Width – 5.29″ (134.3 mm)
Height – 6.71″ (170 mm)
26 Ibs. (12 kg)
MTA-HT80XT 70 Ampere-Hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 VPC Length – 15.89″ (403.7 mm)
Width – 4.12″ (104.7 mm)
Height – 10.42″ (264.6 mm)
57.0 Ibs. (26.0 kg)
MTA-HT145XT 140 ampere-hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 final VPC Length – 17.36″ (440.9 mm)
Width – 6.90″ (175.3 mm)
Height – 10.11″ (256.7 mm)
102 lbs. (46.3 kgs)
MTA-HT170XT 164 Ampere-Hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 VPC Length – 22.13″ (562 mm)
Width – 4.97″ (126.3 mm)
Height – 12.58″ (319.6 mm)
118 Ibs. (54 kg)
MTA-HT200XT 190 Ampere-Hours @ 8 hr. rate to 1.75 VPC Length – 24.15″ (613.4 mm)
Width – 4.97″ (126.3 mm)
Height – 12.73″ (323.4 mm)
151 Ibs. (68.5 kg)