Battery Racks Spill Containment Systems

Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. offers high quality modular battery racks for stationary battery installations, designed for all types of stationary battery models. Our battery racks are available in standard and seismic certified versions for earthquake prone environments. Made of durable, lightweight steel in easily configurable modules. Our battery racks are lightweight, compact, easy to assemble, disassemble, move, and store.

Standard floor mounted battery rack

Battery Racks Spill Containment Systems

Standard two tier battery rack

Seismic floor mounted battery rack

Standard multi tier battery rack

Standard VRLA tiered battery rack

Standard battery rack with enclosure

Spill Containment

Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. also offers crucial spill containment apparatus to ensure the safety of your stationary battery installations. Made of lightweight steel and durable plastic coating for the best in hazardous material spill containment.


  • Adaptable to any system size and configuration
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Compatible with any battery model
  • Can be installed new or added to existing battery installations
  • Barriers are 16-gauge primed steel
  • Coating is .080 yellow PVC
  • 12×12 pillows can absorb and neutralize 3 quarts of acid in case of spillage
  • 2-part epoxy floor coating is 90% acid resistant
  • Hardware is made of stainless steel
  • Clean, easy, and safe to install
  • Complies with ASTM, IEC, OSHA, EPA, CFR, BOCA, and all local and National Fire and building codes, including NFPA1 Uniform Fire Code

Standard two step floor mounted battery rack with yellow PVC pan and absorbent pillows

Seismic certified battery rack with yellow PVC spill containment tray and absorbent pillows