Battery Charger Rectifier

Utility Chargers & Industrial Rectifiers

We offer top quality battery chargers and industrial rectifiers in customizable sizes and configurations, enabling our customers to choose an integrated design that suits the precise needs and specifications of your business application. Our battery charging systems are ideal for backup and emergency power in electric utilities, telecommunications, data centers, military and industrial applications, or in any other type of stationary battery system. Designed with full control and monitoring capabilities, multiple input/output options, and thorough safety inspections and standards compliance. Safety and reliability by design.

Mesa One Industrial Battery Charger

Mesa One Industrial Battery ChargerMesa_One_Charger_Product_Image


  • N+1 and N+N redundancy available
  • Front panel access to most control and monitoring parameters including alarms
  • Automatic, wide input voltage range (no tops to exchange)
  • Hot pluggable rectifier & control modules
  • Rack mount or wall mount

Eltek IBB-250WM Battery Charger System



  • Modular architecture enabling affordable (N+1) redundancy
  • MTBF of each rectifier module >350,000 hours
  • An individual module failure has no impact on load in N+1 System
  • Replacing a failed unit is no longer a fire drill

MSR Series



  • High Performance and Reliability
  • Latest digital and power electronics technology
  • Reliable industrial design
  • User-definability control and alarm set-points
  • Simultaneous voltage and current readings
  • CE safety and EMC standards tested and compliant
  • Built to ISO 9000 QA standards
  • NEMA PE-5 compliant


ARE-S Series


  • 24-, 48-, and 130-volt models
  • 6 to 50 amperes output
  • High efficiency
  • High power factor
  • Low noise levels
  • Current limiting
  • Easily maintained


MSWR Series


  • Compact, reliable DC-DC converters replace the need for separate 48 VDC communications battery plants
  • Modular design provides N+1 redundancy for increased reliability
  • Control and alarms through
  • Built on Eltek’s industrial controller and ‘Flatpack2’ rectifier platform
  • NEMA 1 ventilated enclosure, with circuit breaker protection for increased system safety and protection
  • Scalable from 25 to 100 amps
  • Eltek Rectifier Components are UL approved and CE marked