Battery Recycling & Disposal Services

Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. is a leader in chain-of-custody management.  Our management of battery decommissioning and removal projects and our thorough documentation processes have earned us accolades from some of the most competitive companies in the telecommunications industry.

The Mesa expertise is in cradle-to-grave battery recycling services, which includes battery removal and on-site packaging, pick-up, transport, and delivery to EPA-certified smelters around the United States.  Mesa manages this process using a team of project managers, a proprietary application for process documentation, and a network of warehouses throughout the United States.  Mesa makes it its utmost mission to guarantee safe, environmentally sound battery disposal through EPA and DOT compliance assurance and chain-of-custody best practices.

Mesa is registered with the US EPA and is compliant with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.  With one call to Mesa, your entire battery disposal process will be managed expertly, and we will provide you with EPA-certified battery disposal certificates and the detailed documentation your organization needs.

  • On-site Battery Decommissioning, Removal, Packaging, and Clean-up
    • Inspect the site for potential safety hazards and prepare for necessary acid clean-up and remediation
    • Assure safety standards are met and appropriate equipment is used during battery removal
    • Provide photo and date stamp documentation of battery removal and clean-up
    • GPS-based applications enable real-time view of installation or removal and allow tracking and verification of battery location
  • US DOT PHMSA Compliant Transportation of Hazardous Materials
    • Provide US DOT PHMSA compliant transportation of hazardous materials from initial battery pick-up at the site to the final smelter destination
  • Delivery to EPA-Certified Downstream Recyclers and Smelters
    • Require ISO Certifications and Environmental Health and Safety Audits from all smelters and recyclers
    • Assess smelter and recycler compliance records through the EPA Echo Portal
  • Cradle-to-Grave Documentation
    • Coordinate recycling and transportation processes and all related documentation
    • Record removal date, ship date, and recycle date for each item
    • Provide a Signed Bill of Ladings
    • Provide a Certificate of Recycling
  • Provide a Master Tracking Spreadsheet to Customer
    • Site ID
    • Battery ID: make, model, and manufacturer’s estimated published weight
    • Aggregator information
    • Carrier and logistics documentation
    • End of Life documentation
  • Complete Pollution and Environmental Liability Coverage
  • Battery Disposal Certificate
    • Provide a final Battery Disposal Certificate with the Mesa name and EPA number