MESA is now a part of Concentric. 

Mesa Technical Associates has joined the Concentric team. Our personnel will further enhance Concentric’s capabilities serving customers across the electric utilities, telecommunications and energy storage systems space. Click here to learn more.

Mesa Technical Associates announces new strategic alliance with KORE Power, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage systems.
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We Believe in Better, Smarter Energy Solutions

Safety and Reliability by Design

We provide premier direct current power systems and stationary battery solutions for mission critical infrastructure, where reliability and safety are paramount.Our offerings include stationary batteries, mobile backup power systems, charging systems and industrial rectifiers, and power room tools, racks, and accessories. We are the expert installers and consultants to the nation's leading industrial manufacturers, electric and gas utilities, and telecommunications providers.

Turn-Key Energy Solutions for Mission Critical Projects

Our process is to engineer, furnish, and install complete solutions for a range of applications requiring energy products, such as stationary batteries, power plant enclosures and structures, and complementary products to the industrial, utilities, and telecommunication sectors. Our comprehensive, budget-conscious service expertise includes EPA-certified battery recycling services and power system replacement and maintenance, compliance testing, and power plant upgrades.

Alliance with New York State SDVOB

Mesa Veterans Power, a nationally recognized supplier of DC and Critical power systems to telecommunications and industrial customers, was recently certified by the State of New York as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) and is a strategic alliance partner of Mesa Technical Associates.

LSe - Lead Selenium Flat Plate Stationary Batteries

The Mesa LSe is a range of lead selenium flat plate vented lead-acid stationary batteries featuring 20-year design life plates made of .25” thick, lead selenium alloy. It is ideal for use in switchgear applications characterized by switching DC Loads and high rate demands. Low maintenance, reduced footprint, and safety by design are essential features of the LSe battery. No other flat plate, lead selenium battery has thicker plates or longer lasting cells. The LSe lead selenium is a deep cycle battery and is available in cell options (LSe) ranging from 100 amp hours to 1800 amp hours and multi-cell blocks (B-LSe) available in 6-100, 6-150, 6-200, 6-250, and 6-300 amp hour configurations.

Mesa AssociatesBLSe Block Lead Selenium Battery

OPzS - Lead Selenium Tubular Plate Stationary Batteries

The Mesa OPzS stationary battery range consists of OPzS cell and multi-cell blocks conforming to DIN 40737-3 and 40744. They are suitable for use in all DC power supply installations. The batteries have a long watering interval, and typically need topping-up only once a year throughout their operating life. The combination of lead-selenium alloy with tubular plate construction makes the Mesa OPzS Battery the longest service life alloy battery in the world.

OPzS - Lead Selenium Tubular Plate Stationary BatteriesOPzS - Lead Selenium Tubular Plate Flooded Lead-Acid Stationary Batteries
Mesa Mass Energy Storage Systems

(BESS) Battery Energy Storage System

Mesa Technical Associates is now delivering grid-scale utility energy storage systems. Quality battery storage for the grid greening and carbon reduction initiatives:

  • Demand response
  • Peak shaving
  • Energy arbitrage
  • Regulatory compliance
  • 1 to 4 mwh capabilities

Mesa is proud to align with the goals of New York State and the Public Service Commission of New York to reduce the carbon footprint of the utility grid.

Battery Recycling Services & HazMat Disposal

Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. is a leader in chain-of-custody asset management. We execute battery decommissioning and removal projects, and our unique documentation processes have earned us accolades from some of the most competitive companies in the telecommunications and utilities sectors.

We have unparalleled expertise in cradle-to-grave battery recycling services, which removal of batteries and hazardous materials (hazmat) and on-site packaging, logistics, transport, and delivery to EPA-certified smelters around the United States. Mesa manages this process using a team of project managers, a proprietary application for process documentation, and a network of warehouses throughout the United States. Mesa makes it its utmost mission to guarantee safe, environmentally sound disposal of stationary batteries through EPA and DOT compliance assurance and chain-of-custody best practices.

Mesa Recycles

Ranked Number 1 for Engineering Services

“Mesa is our largest Turf Vendor for large scale, turn-key DC power projects at major Mobile Switch and Regen sites. Mesa consistently achieves the highest rating among all Turf Vendors in the U.S., as scored by our Network Engineering Team for installation quality, on-time completion, detailed engineering packages, logistics, and cost effectiveness. They are our #1 choice vendor for critical power systems.”
-- Network Planner IV -- Building Space and Power
Major U.S. Wireless Telecom Carrier
Grade: 99 - A
Engineering Ranking: 1