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Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries

Mesa presents lithium ion phosphate batteries with superior energy density, better life cycle capabilities, and inherent safety. With a fundamentally stable chemistry, lithium ion phosphate technology offers reliability and peace of mind where other lithium oxide technologies fail. Constant discharge voltage and virtually full power until discharge with little to no maintenance over its life cycle makes lithium phosphate a much better choice than lead acid batteries in remote switchgear applications, especially in extreme climates, providing dependable performance and a high return on investment.

Battery Management System

Mesa is pleased to offer advanced lithium ion phosphate solutions along with complete system configuration and integration support. The U-Charge® Battery Management System is designed to enable multiple implementation options and advanced command and control ability in U-Charge® XP battery modules. These modules offer twice the run-time at nearly half the weight of similar sized lead-acid batteries with outstanding intrinsic safety and at a low cost of ownership.