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Mesa One Industrial Battery Charger

Mesa One Industrial Battery Charger Overview The Mesa One Industrial Battery Charger is Mesa’s highest reliability industrial battery charger designed for cabinet, wall-mounted or rack-mounted applications. It boasts true redundancy, a state of the art controller with monitoring capabilities, and NERC PRC-005-6 compliance capabilities. The Mesa One series battery chargers can be configured for [...]

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SLA-H   Description   12V AGM front terminal blocs - 30Ah to 180Ah nominal capacity. 20 year design life in oat operation in temperature controlled environments. Excellent for medium to long discharge applications (2 to 20 hours). High energy density design allows for more ef cient battery layout and footprint. AGM recombination technology minimizes [...]

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FAT Line 30 – 180 Ah

FAT Line                                   Description   12V AGM front terminal blocs - 30Ah to 180Ah nominal capacity. Up to 12 year design life while in oat operation in temperature controlled environments. Excellent low rate discharge 1 to 10 hours. [...]

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Hoppecke AquaGen

Hoppecke AquaGen® Mesa responds to the traditional high-maintenance challenges of flooded batteries by utilizing the world’s most efficient recombination system. This system achieves a 90% reduction in watering requirements, assuring outstanding battery performance, extended life cycle, significantly reduced maintenance costs, and improved safety. Features A Unique Recombination System Extremely efficient system using [...]

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Battery Rack & Spill Containment

Battery Racks Alpha Passoni Alpha Passoni racks are designed for all types of stationary battery models. These racks are light, small and easy to move and store. Downloads Earthquake Installation Certification Battery Rack - Installation Manual Battery Rack [...]

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Mobile Battery Trailer

Mesa Mobile Battery Trailer Fully customizable mobile DC power solution outfitted with batteries and accessories to suit your application. A perfect solution for substation managers and plant engineers to help you with NERC compliance testing! Turn-Key Mobile DC Power System Description 48 and 125 VDC Mobile DC Power System for Utility, Industrial, and Communications [...]

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MSWR Series

Mesa MSWR DC Voltage Converter Features Compact, reliable DC-DC converters replace the need for separate 48 VDC communications battery plants Modular design provides N+1 redundancy for increased reliability Control and alarms through Built on Eltek’s industrial controller and ‘Flatpack2’ rectifier platform NEMA 1 ventilated enclosure, with circuit breaker protection for increased system safety and [...]

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ARE-S Series

Mesa ARE-S Single-Phase SCR Charger/Rectifier Features 24-, 48-, and 130-volt models 6 to 50 amperes output High efficiency High power factor Low noise levels Current limiting Easily maintained Downloads MCF Brochure

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