Welcome to Mesa Technical Associates, Inc.

Mesa provides premium, turn-key DC power solutions for telecommunications, utilities, and industrial customers. With a core competency in the design, configuration, and delivery of advanced DC power systems, as well as expertise in data logistics and project management, Mesa has the ability to manage deployment projects of virtually any nature. Mesa operates nationwide and is trained and authorized to install a range of energy products, power plant enclosures and structures, and complementary telecommunication products. Our comprehensive service expertise includes battery and power system replacement and maintenance, compliance testing, and power plant upgrades. This enables Mesa to provide the staging, installation, and ongoing support for power and communications products across the network infrastructure of your business.


Mesa provides premium, value-added products in the DC power market, offering a portfolio of brands that include all battery chemistry types and the industry’s most advanced charging systems, enclosures, recombinant systems, and battery management and diagnostic systems.  Mesa’s specialty is in custom-engineered power plant solutions, configured specifically according to each project’s requirements.


Mesa offers comprehensive spectrum of engineering, installation, consulting, integration, management, and maintenance services for DC power systems and power plants that support central office voice, data, and video networks, fiber and backbone networks, wireless carrier MTSO and base stations, and internet provider networks. Mesa’s services are delivered by a team of experienced, best-of-class consultants, engineers, technicians, and project managers.

What Clients Say

Mesa provides a top-tier service, soup to nuts… our projects are engineered flawlessly from start to finish, with accurate cost estimates, procurement of materials, installation, deployment, and seamless integration into our network.

New! Lithium Phosphate Batteries

Lithium Phosphate technology offers a battery with superior energy density, better life cycle capabilities, and inherent safety.  With a fundamentally stable chemistry, lithium phosphate offers reliability and peace of mind where other lithium oxide technologies fail.  Constant discharge voltage and virtually full power until discharge with little to no maintenance over its life cycle makes lithium phosphate a much better choice than lead acid batteries in certain applications, providing dependable performance and a high return on investment.